Around Granville

Around Granville, to reach the destinations below, a means of transport is required.

If you are not travelling by car, regular bus lines are available:  Maneo



The Mont Saint Michel and its bay

The world famous Mont Saint Michel can be reach after a 45 minutes drive.

The "Bec d'Andaine", the starting point to the trail crossing the Mont-Saint Michel bay, is a 30 minutes drive from Granville.


D-Day beaches

Arromanches, the americain cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer and the D-day beaches : an idea for a day out in history-laden sites. 


Saint Malo

Saint Malo "the Breton",  the other corsair city.



The Mont Saint Michel bay thalassotherapy center is located at Donville les Bains. It's a 5 minutes drive ( another option is a 45 minutes walk to be in shape before the therapy ).

You can book your thalasso treatment at the center and stay at the property Logo hozizon at the heart of Granville. 


Manche tourisme

The reference website to learn all about the Manche region.




Normandy secrets

Normandy's secrets: The Normans will tell you about their secret good deals

Secrets normands en




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